A message from the Head of Enrichment, Mrs Aldridge 

We are here again. Back in lockdown. But the King’s community is keeping calm and carrying on just like last summer.  But every challenge brings an opportunity so, as Enrichment cannot run as normal, we are going to resurrect our ‘Enrichment Challenge’ that you took part in so brilliantly during the summer term.

Every Enrichment session, I will set a choice of three challenge on Firefly. Each menu could include an act of community/kindness, a creative or academic challenge or a practical skill. You only need to complete one of the tasks during each session and you have a free choice over which one you choose to do

I would like you to send a record (message or photo) of what you have done to your Enrichment teacher via Firefly or through teams or email. Your Enrichment teacher may contact you independently about how they want you to do this. Please send a message or a photo by 3.50pm on the Monday following each Enrichment Friday.  Feedback will be given to pupils and we hope to award particularly special efforts with credits and Headmaster bravos.

The menu of activities will be posted on the pages on Firefly. Just look for the correct date and click on that page to see what challenges await you.  

Thank you to everyone for getting into the spirit of this Enrichment plan. We hope you enjoy it and learn something new, have fun and hopefully feel proud of what you have achieved. Have fun, be inventive, remember to send a brief message or photo to your teacher and stay happy and safe.