Training Programmes

Each squad will receive a training programme for the week directly from Mr Jump. This will be distributed through Teams.

Athletes should contact Mr Jump or Mr Blackham directly through Teams if they would like to discuss their current training or if they have any questions about the training programme.

Athletes are encouraged to train each day for a minimum of 30 minutes. Please use the training programme that has been distributed to plan ahead.

Live Training Sessions
At 4pm each day (Monday – Thursday and Saturday at 9am) there will be a live training session available to all athletes, J14-J18 on Teams. This will be led by Mr Jump.  

Athletes must sign up for this session by 3pm on the chosen day through SOCS. Athletes will then be able to join the 4pm session.

An information letter has been distributed to parents about these sessions. Before athletes join their first live session, parents must have completed the online form.

Athletes are reminded that they should train in a well ventilated, light area, wearing appropriate training kit. All athletes should have a water bottle to hand and athletes should not train if they are feeling unwell. If athletes are using the camera mode, they should blur the background.   

Weekly Live Sessions 11 – 16 January

Click here to sign up for each session on SOCS 


MondayBodyweight Circuit4pm - 4.30pm
TuesdayCore Circuit4pm - 4.30pm
WednesdayFull Body Circuit4pm - 4.30pm
ThursdayCore and Trunk Circuit4pm - 4.30pm
Saturday30 Minute Workout9am - 9.30am