Latin and Classics

Latin and Classics at King’s Seniors

Please note that the teaching of Latin and Classics is being phased out at King’s over the coming years. For further details, please contact  

·         Students study Latin in Removes and Shells and can then opt for either Latin or Classical Civilisation in the Third Year and also for GCSE or A Level.

·         The course has lots of variety and different topics to study and is wide-ranging across the Greek and Roman world.

·         Classics includes the study of both Greek and Roman civilisation and the literature from these worlds.

·         You look at how the Greeks and Romans have influenced our worlds, and discover how, although the world is always changing, people aren’t so different now from how they were thousands of years ago.

·         There is a great variety in the teaching and learning, including a plethora of ICT resources, watching and commenting on Hollywood epics, discussions about the relevance of Classics to our world today, studying original literature in translation, and opportunities for individual research.


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