Philosophy and Theology

Philosophy and Theology at King’s Seniors

·         From Removes to Thirds students study Philosophy and Theology. Students can then chose if they want to study Religious Studies at GCSE. They then have the option to study Religious Studies or Philosophy at A Level.

·         The department makes use of an extensive range of teaching materials. Film, television, contemporary news articles, ancient text and websites are all utilised in a bid to illuminate understanding.

·         Pupils are actively encouraged to verbalise their ideas and discussion forms a large part of most lessons, enabling the exploration of a broad spectrum of beliefs.

·         Philosophy means the ‘love of wisdom’. It is the study of knowledge itself and includes areas of thought as diverse as science, politics, morality and art.

·         Theology is the study of the nature of God, religion and religious beliefs. You don’t have to be religious yourself to enjoy this subject.

·         Pupils gain many transferable skills such as learning how to clearly articulate and defend their own views and how to analyse and evaluate source material.

·         The department has its own library of primary and secondary text that can be loaned out to students.

·         One of our recent A Level students has already become a published Philosopher in her own right.


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