Adam looks to the future for 500 words live final

Adam John (SHGLA) entered the BBC Radio 2 competition, 500 words, with a story about a futuristic coffee machine titled ==[JUST THREE WORDS]==.

Adam’s story has now been shortlisted for the final, which is a fantastic achievement as just 25 from 14,000 entries reaching this stage.

Entrants were required to write a 500 word short story about anything they wished. The stories were then judged anonymously, without regard to grammar, punctuation or spelling.

When asking Adam about his inspiration for the story he said: “It was inspired by a talk on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Oxford University. I also liked my brother’s entry to the competition about protecting the environment so I wanted to combine that concept with AI. Originally I was going to write about robots taking over the world but instead I wanted them to protect it.”

In previous years celebrities such as David Walliams, Jim Broadbent, and Jason Isaacs have read the winning entries live on BBC Radio 2.

You can listen to the final when it is broadcast live from Windsor Castle on BBC Radio 2’s Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on Friday 14 June.

Best of luck for the final, Adam!