Fly-by at Willow Lodge!

The Willow Lodge pupils were very excited to welcome British Airways Pilot and former King’s student; Lt Myles Gallimore (OKS1993) to the school this week.

Myles has been a pilot for the large majority of his career, and has flown across the world with numerous airlines. He told the pupils that he had dreamt of being a pilot from an early age and that he had focused on his career aspiration throughout his time at school.

Whilst piloting some of the world’s most renowned commercial airliners and serving in the military are undoubtedly sources of pride, Myles told pupils that his proudest moment was flying as part of the Red Arrows.

He also discussed his tours to Iraq and Afghanistan and talked about his experiences of having to eject himself from a helicopter.

The pupils asked a range of great questions and jumped at the chance to try on Myles’ fully equipped flight helmet! They also learnt about the detailed procedures pilots must undertake before and after flights take place, whilst also discussing the importance of maintaining constant contact with relevant Air Traffic Control sites.

The biggest challenge of the afternoon was telling the pupils it was home time!