The life of John Lindop OKS 1940

John Lindop OKS 1940 has been in touch recently to share a number of fascinating memories and experiences from his life. John was born in 1926 and grew up in Queen’s Park, Chester. Hope you enjoy this selection of photos and excerpts as much as we did! As always, if you’d like to share your stories with us, please get in touch by email to


17 August 1945 

“I  was a  radar  op. aboard  HMFDT 13 – as   pix – a  floating  ops room  en route  to  the  Nov.  invasion  of  Japan. We  had  reached  Malta and were  doing  radar  calibration  trials when  we  got  news re the atom  bombs  and  later  surrender. Lucky  to  be  here!”


“Learning  to  fly  at   Liverpool  airport  c 1963, taxying  behind  Viscount  which  ran  up  its  engines  when  to  should  not  have  done  so. Loud  crash,  big  pool  of petrol,  fastest  exit  ever  and  not a  mark  on  me.”

“Here  I  am  (pilot  sits  on  left)  somewhere  North  of  Liverpool  before  the  days  of  grey  hair, specs and  capped  teeth. Those  were  the  days.”

“In 1948 Bill  Deane (right) and  I  founded the Chester Muzzle Loaders and here we are at the military range at  Sealand wearing original Rifle Volunteer uniforms and holding original weapons.”


“Here’s me drifting sideways in my 1929 70 bhp JAP engined Morgan Brooklands  racer. Held 42 World Records, Gold  Star at Brooklands, 100 mph + totally dangerous in a 1929 car tho’ here to tell the tale! It is in the Brooklands Museum now.”

“About 1940 I heard, for the first time, jazz on the wireless and thought “that’s the music for me”

School, then straight  into the RN so I couldn’t do much about it, then after demob, realising a shortage of brass  bases, essential in New Orleans Jazz, I set about remedying the situation so purchased a Sousaphone and taught  myself to play it.

Started jazz career (amateur) with the Wall City Jazz Band at Clemences  (you will recognise some of these  names)  then moved to the Panama Jazz Band at Wallasey where I remained for several years, playing at The Cavern among  other venues.

Picture is with the JZB at the Roycroft Dance Hall, Wallasey with me on Sousaphone c 1950 .

Eventually moved back to Chester with  Mike McGowans Jazz Aces at Quaintways, then Embassy Stompers at the  Pied Bull, then Freddy Rays Dixielanders at Little Budworth P’sh hall.

Time to call a halt, all this was not popular  socially so I retired.”