Anti-Bullying Fortnight

Meet Aba, our new Anti-Bullying mascot! 

Created by Calum McCaig (U6GRO), one of our 14 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, Aba is the star of an animation that will be running on screens around school over the next two weeks. 

Anti-Bullying Fortnight began today with Odd Socks Day and Calum’s animation is one of the ways that our Ambassadors are highlighting the help that is available to pupils over the next two weeks. They will also be hanging posters around school, all with a QR code that links directly to a pupil survey that they have created. 

The survey will give pupils a chance to influence the priorities of the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. Mr Parkes talked about why this is important.

He said: “The best people to tell us what’s needed in school are the pupils. They know what is worrying them, where they encounter issues and what help they need with.

“Our Ambassadors are already working with a local PCSO to come into school and talk about hate crime, and they’re also working with the in-school Diversity and Inclusion Group, but we’re looking forward to seeing what other ideas the pupils have.”

The Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme is a nationwide initiative that aims to change the attitudes, behaviour and culture of bullying by building skills and confidence to address different situations, both online and offline. 

Our Ambassadors have been trained by Mr Parkes who oversees the programme in school, and they have been working hard to ensure that all pupils in school know how to get in touch with them, and how they can help. 

Throughout the next two weeks, the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors will be visiting different year groups during Form Time to introduce themselves and to talk about different types of bullying. They are also working with the Junior School to roll out the Programme for our younger pupils. 

If parents would like to find out more about Anti-Bullying, please visit for more information and parent resources.