Careers Breakfast: Veterinary Surgeon, Mrs Nichola Steel

We were thrilled to welcome Veterinary Surgeon, Nichola Steel, to speak at this week’s Careers Breakfast. 

Mrs Steel is a specialist in equine medicine who currently works in private practice in Shropshire. She also taught for many years of the University of Liverpool, becoming Director of the Veterinary Postgraduate Unit in 2014. 

In her role at the University of Liverpool, Mrs Steel was regularly involved in student admissions. Our students benefitted from this experience this morning as they received a current and informed insight into entrance requirements for veterinary medicine courses, including the importance of practical work experience. 

Mrs Steel went on to talk about the different pathways within veterinary medicine, from working with pets in private practice to working with conservation charities. She also talked about the  opportunities to specialise by discipline such as dentistry or diagnostic imaging, and concluded by addressing the skills and traits needed to be a good vet. 

Head of Careers, Dr Hensman, thanked Mrs Steel for her time this morning: “We have enjoyed a fascinating insight into veterinary medicine this morning and I know that the students will  appreciate the advice that Mrs Steel has given as much as they enjoyed hearing about her own career path.”