Chester Schools Together- an exciting new partnership

We are very proud to be part of a new partnership between The King’s School, Bishops’ Blue Coat School and Blacon High School, called Chester Schools Together.

This innovative project aims to bring together students from all three schools for a variety of exciting learning experiences, starting with series of Saturday Masterclasses.

The Masterclasses will be running concurrently across the three schools for three consecutive Saturdays; 26 January, 2 February and 9 February.

With an overall theme of Creativity, the three Masterclasses, involving a mix of students from each school, are:

• The use of virtual reality to create an interactive learning resource for history topics
• The production of an online student newspaper for Chester
• The creation of a sculpture based on collaborative research

The purpose of the Masterclasses is to allow students from all three schools to mix and work together on engaging and collaborative projects, helping them to develop their creative, learning and teamwork skills.

We look forward to sharing stories of their progress over the next few weeks!