Creative writing and geography in the Yorkshire Dales

A group of Removes and Shells pupils travelled to Haworth in the Yorkshire Dales for a weekend of creative writing and physical geography in May.

After settling into the rather impressive looking youth hostel, pupils spent the Friday night using pictures of the local area as inspiration for some descriptive writing. They worked long into the night and finished with an introduction to the limestone scenery they would be exploring the following day.

Bright and early the next morning, the group set off towards Ingelton waterfalls for a circular walk in unseasonably sunny weather. Pupils answered questions, drew waterfalls and bought the odd ice cream. Staff even introduced them to Kendal mint cake!

An underground guided walk through White Scar Caves allowed pupils to discover subterranean streams and duck under rock formations before finally arrive in a spectacular cavern.

The last stop was Malham Cove to show the group the incredible limestone pavement and the site for a famous scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. The group returned a little weary after walking far further than many had ever done before. They rounded off the final evening by producing geographical animation films and taking part in a quiz.

Returning on Sunday, pupils were left to reflect on a demanding and challenging weekend hopefully inspired in their English and geography work by the stunning surroundings they had witnessed.