Dance Club light up the Vanbrugh Theatre

The Senior Dance Club recently staged their Annual Showcase in the Vanbrugh Theatre. 

This year the performance was based around the theme of ‘Collaboration’ with the pupils working hard to choreograph their own dances during lunchtimes. This was the first performance in front of an audience for many of the club members, and they rose to the challenge with confident and assured performances full of flair and poise. Many thanks to our Head Girl, Olivia Wade-Jones, who helped choreograph the group dance to the backing music of ‘Run Boy Run’.

One of the dancers, Olivia Whorrall-Campbell (SHGRO), said: “I really love the opportunity to create my own dances and to experiment. I joined the club when I was in J1 and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Even though I have done six dance shows in school, I still feel nervous before every one of them, but when you get out there and dance it feels amazing!

This year, I have been involved in four dances which include the two group dances, ‘Friends’ and ‘Run Boy Run’, a dance that I choreographed myself and a dance that involved four of the senior dancers. I am looking forward to the upcoming years when we will be able to use the new dance studio in the Sports Centre!”