Geography students triumph at regional quiz

Last week, Geography students in Thirds and Shells entered a team into the Geographical Association WorldWise Quiz at the University of Chester.

29 teams entered from all over the region and were quizzed on eight different rounds including Cities, Fieldwork, Map Skills and Campaigning. Only a small number of questions could be answered from lesson content, the rest were general knowledge and logic.

Trickier questions that were asked included which of four countries was pictured based on pictures of the position of the sun in the sky at different times of day. Another challenging question included a sketched map of the world where students had to work out which of four countries the person who had drawn the picture lived in.

The Shells team finished fourth which is extremely impressive given the quiz is for Thirds and above! The Thirds finished the quiz in joint first place with Ruthin school, leading to a tie break…

The joint winners were asked three questions resulting in King’s Thirds winning 2-1.

Congratulations to Frankie Williams (3WAL), Eric Hughes (3BRD) and Harry Weetch (3GRO) in Thirds and Alex Neal (SHLES), Flora Plass (SHWER) and Lukas Pold (SHLES) in Shells.