Junior School Prizegiving

This week, the Junior School Prize giving was held, celebrating all of the achievements over the past year.

Mr Hartley started the afternoon by welcoming everyone before handing over to Mrs Ainsworth to give the address. We were then privileged to hear from Sophie Hornby (J4S), Scarlett Wright (J4M), Aris Manolopoulos (J4S) and Marcus Thornton (J4O) about their diverse experiences and time in the Junior School.

Following this, the awards were presented by Louise Minchin. With 125 prizes being awarded, including, the Consterdine award, Graham Shield and Brotherhood award, to students acknowledging their academic and sporting achievements.   

Once all of the awards had been presented Louise Minchin gave a speech congratulating the students for their hard work. Louise also highlighted the importance of continuing with sport and doing what you love as by following your passions you are able to be the best version of yourself. 

Finally, Caspar Rathbone (J4M) gave the vote of thanks concluding the Prizegiving. Everyone was then invited for refreshments to celebrate all of the students’ achievements.

Congratulations to all of the students in the Junior School for such a successful year and many thanks to friends and family for joining us for this celebration.