Pupils’ eco trip makes a positive impact

King’s Junior School pupils from the J4 class visited Southport Eco Centre and Formby as part of the Geography curriculum. The main focus of the visit was on climate change and the impact we have on the planet.

Pupils participated in a range of activities which helped to reinforce the importance of the three Rs – reuse, recycle & reduce. They looked at alternative power sources, rather than relying on using fossil fuels and even made a miniature solar-powered turbine.

Whilst visiting Formby, the pupils saw the impact of coastal erosion as well as learning about the ecosystems in this area. Formby is one of the few places in the UK which is home to the Natterjack Toad and the pupils saw a slack, which is an essential habitat for this amphibian.

Pupils returned from the visit with a heightened awareness of global warming and the changes they could make in order to make a positive impact.