Ski High!

A talented team of pupils, Amber Millard Smith (J3B), Gabby Holt (J3S), Anna Walker (J3H) and Matthew Walker (RMAI), headed to Pendle last week to compete in the Parallel Slalom relay races.

The pupils represented Snowsports Ski Club, with Gabby and Anna in the under 10 category, whilst Amber and Matthew competed in the under 13 category. A parallel slalom relay consists of two teams racing each other in parallel slalom format.

The two courses are spaced identically throughout their length, making allowance for variations in gradient and for any bends in the slope between the two courses. Within the team, the subsequent members start when the preceding racer has crossed the line.

Both teams performed fantastically in the challenging winter conditions, finishing in 1st place in three of the six races.

This was a fantastic experience for the pupils and their impressive performances bode well for upcoming events.