Twenty-four schools battle it out at our annual Physics Olympics

The third annual Physics Olympics took place at The King’s School on May 8.
The competition comprised of six individual events that were practical based, and designed to assess team work and the application of key scientific principles from KS3. Alongside physics teacher Neil Grisedale, students from King’s Sixth Form helped coordinate the day and run the various challenges.
Twenty-four schools took part in his year’s event, including The Hammond School, Ellesmere Port and Chester Catholic High and Abbey Gate College.

As ever the level of competition was high, and the final scoring was very close. Stockport Grammar beat The Grange School to first place, with Moreton Hall finishing third. Each of the six events were won by different schools, and more than half of the schools featured on the podiums for the different events.
Mr Grisedale said: “The concept around the event is that it is primarily a fun day, but also that there is an element of challenge and competition.”