House Step Challenge – Complete!

At the start of the term, King’s Senior School students were set the House Challenge to see how many steps they could take, to see how far around the world they would get. In total, they have walked a massive 37.4 million steps, this is 18,700 miles – the equivalent of walking to Australia and back. A huge effort from everyone that took part – well done!  

The House results are as followed:

  1. Dutton: 5.6 million,
  2. Fox: 5.4 million,
  3. Walsh: 4.6 million 
  4. Bradbury: 3.5 million 
  5. Werburgh: 3.3 million ,
  6. Lester Smith: 3 million 
  7. Grosvenor: 2.5 million  
  8. Gladstone: 2.3 million 

The Removes walked 6.8 million steps.

Thanks to all students that took part and remember getting outside is good for reducing screen time as well as the many physical benefits of walking on your muscles, bones, heart and lungs. Not to mention how good it is for making us feel better mentally. Fresh air can do you the world of good!