Biology at King’s Seniors

·         The Biology department runs an exotic animal club where pupils can learn about animal husbandry. We have Bearded Dragons called Bruce and Winnie, a Royal Python called Monty and two Leopard Geckos called Speckle and Banana.

·         The Science Faculty regularly hosts talks given by university lecturers and hospital clinicians. Last year, King’s hosted the UK’s National Pathology Week. This involved a packed lecture theatre and a forensic scientist showing a mock autopsy on a Sixth Form ‘volunteer’!

·         Biology involves the study of animal physiology. As part of this teachers involve students with the dissection of hearts, kidneys, eyes, and the digestive tract.

·         Living organisms are often studied in their natural habitats, whether it be on the school grounds, on a field trip to Snowdonia or on local beaches. The department has run field trips further afield in South Africa and the Galapagos Islands.

·         A Level Biology involves a study of molecular genetics. The department is fortunate enough to have electrophoresis equipment in order to study DNA fingerprinting. Students have even moved a gene from a jellyfish into bacteria to make them glow in the dark!

·         Remove students end their first year of study with a trip to Chester Zoo. Here experts deliver some tailor-made tutorials for the students enabling them to understand first-hand the important adaptations needed for animal survival.



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