About Us

Welcome to The King’s School

The King’s School is an independent, academically selective school taking girls and boys from ages 4-18 years old and we are proud to have been educating children in Chester for 475 years. We blend our long-standing traditions with 21st Century innovations to offer a truly outstanding education. Our schools consist of Willow Lodge (age 4-7 years), The Junior School (age 7-11 years), The Senior School (age 11-16 years) and Sixth Form (age 16-18 years). King’s pupils are highly likely to see in the turn of the next century, living lives of unprecedented longevity. Their world will be full of promise, choice and possibility on a scale that has not been true for any generation of men and women that has preceded them.

The journey begins with developing mental agility, opinions, habits, self-belief and the ability to live and work with others. These are qualities that we nurture and encourage here, with a focus on positive psychology. Young people need effective and rigorous powers of rational discernment to successfully navigate the dilemmas and arguments that face them in a complex and changing world. With this in mind, we give serious thought to our ethics and the source of our emotional and spiritual nourishment, holding the well-being of our pupils to be equally as important as their academic outcomes. Attention to ensuring the security and sustainability of the former will enable the achievement of the latter.

Pupils are encouraged to be self-determining and genuinely caring towards others, building the foundations of character and self-sufficiency for both success and fulfilment in the years beyond school. We have a unique and inspiring pioneering heritage which we cherish, and we have a very exciting future.