Welcome to our Infant School


Welcome to Willow Lodge

When we opened our doors in September 2015, our vision was to quite simply create the best Independent Infant School in the area, and talking to our new pupils and parents we are delighted that we seem to be doing just that!

I feel that they genuinely care for my child and know her as an individual. All the teachers are very approachable and welcome parents into the classroom.  
Our eco-friendly Willow Lodge houses 6 classrooms, 3 breakout rooms (for small group work), a hall and dining area, activity room, library and medical room. It is surrounded by fields, beautiful woodland and play area. Most classrooms also have covered outdoor education areas, so important when teaching younger children. We have built Willow Lodge specifically for teaching infant children, and we offer the best facilities to teach an exciting and forward looking curriculum.


Every Day is a Different Adventure

We recognise that this early stage of your child’s education is crucial in laying the foundations for excellence in later life. It is a unique area of education that demands dedicated people who love working with young children and are specialists in early years education. Little ones need to feel happy and secure and to be with friends. We are proud and committed to a co-educational environment as being the best and most natural for young children. We understand that young children develop at their own pace and teaching at Willow Lodge is tailored to their individual interests, aptitudes and skills. As they play, they won’t even realise that they are learning because we know children perform at their best when they are interested and engaged. Gently, we will introduce them to the wonderful and exciting world of learning – happy children make happy learners! Whilst we follow an enriched version of the National Curriculum, we do not have a structured timetable. Learning in the younger years is happening all the time through play and we have the flexibility to make the most of each and every day!

Learning is Fun

The curriculum in Willow Lodge gives each child the best possible start to their school life, setting firm foundations for excellence and enjoyment. We relish our independence and not being tied by an over-prescriptive curriculum, so we can make the most of each and every day. We make use of all our space with lots of different and exciting opportunities. Together with the latest technology and specialist teachers we ensure that each child’s learning style is met.

Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception)

Pupils in Reception class follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and offers a continuation of the progress made at nursery or playgroup. This allows us to seamlessly continue each child’s learning through the Early Learning Goals. Reception children will continue to learn through play, interacting with each other as the teacher and teaching assistant facilitate learning opportunities. Reading, writing and number work are gently introduced. Reception children are taught French and Spanish on a termly carousel, together with swimming and Forest Schools. This will continue in Infant 1 and Infant 2. As the year progresses, more structured teacher-led learning opportunities are experienced, allowing the children to prepare for the next stage, KS1.

Key Stage One (Infant 1 and 2)

The transition from EYFS to Key Stage 1 is carefully planned. Some children will continue within the EYFS into the first term of Infant 1, others will move on to the KS1 National Curriculum. Each child works at their own pace and move on when it is right for them. Pupils are taught :

  • Literacy (including phonics, handwriting and spelling)
  • Science
  • Humanities (RE, Geography, History)
  • Creative Development (Art and Design Technology)
  • Mathematics
  • Computing
  • PE (gymnastics, dance, games and swimming)
  • Languages (Spanish and French)
  • Music
  • Drama

In Infant 1 and Infant 2 Classes, more formalised teaching is introduced, still with the opportunity for plenty of hands-on, interactive play. Whilst the majority of subjects will continue to be taught by the class teacher, we continue the specialist teaching for PE, swimming, music and languages. Forest Schools is also offered as an enrichment club. In addition, the use of iPads in the classroom develop each child’s technological skills. The transition to the Juniors is an exciting time for our pupils. Towards the end of Infant 2, they have many visits to the Junior School, which enables them to look forward to their next stage of school with confidence.

All the Extras

We continually bring new ideas and activities into our School to cater for every child’s individual interests, learning styles, strengths and skills.

Clubs and Activities

Every term our clubs and activities change. Some of our clubs currently on offer are,

Forest SchoolsDramaFootball
LFC FootballBalletMulti Skills
Speech & Drama (LAMDA)Keyboard KidsCraft Corner
YogaOrienteeringTag Rugby
Puppet MakingTennisBall Skills
GleeMini MoversBook Club
ArtiPadHouse of Dance
Story Club Healthy Hearts Board Games
HockeyInvasion Games Mad Science
Racket Sports
Come and visit us and you will see the huge range of activities in which our children get involved. From toasting marshmallows in our fire pit, looking for mini beasts in our woodland area, reading in our very own reading igloo to building a castle. Learning happens all the time, in a fun way!


There are a wide range of educational visits in and out of the School on a regular basis.


Pupils at Willow Lodge not only have their own amazing facilities, but are able to use those of the rest of the School, including our swimming pool, theatre, Junior School playing fields and IT facilities.

Larks & Owls

Larks & Owls is our popular after school club, open before and after school for all Infant and Junior School pupils . You can find out more information here.

Visit Willow Lodge

  • Personalised Tour

    We'd like to invite you to experience the unique learning environment and outstanding facilities here at The King's School. Our Admissions Team will be happy to make an appointment for you to have a tour of any part of the school, either with or without your child.

    Please call 01244 689553 or email admissions@kingschester.co.uk to book your school tour.  


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  • Willow Lodge Assessment Day

    Our next Willow Lodge Assessment Day takes place on Friday 17 January 2020. You are invited to bring your child for a short visit and to meet our fantastic team of Infant School teachers. Your child will have an hour of fun, play-based activities to assess them. Registration is vital, please register online here or for more information, call our Admissions Manager Erica Sears on 01244 689553 or email admissions@kingschester.co.uk.

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