Learning at Willow Lodge

Learning is Fun

The curriculum in Willow Lodge gives each child the best possible start to their school life, setting firm foundations for sustainable success. At Willow Lodge, teachers relish the independence of not being tied to an over-prescriptive curriculum and this allows them to respond to the needs and interests of each pupil, delivering a tailor-made education. Together with the latest technology and specialist teachers we ensure that each child’s learning style is met.

Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception)

Pupils in Reception class follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which ensures a seamless transition from a nursery or playgroup setting and a carefully managed continuation of each child’s Early Learning Goals.

Reception children will continue to learn through play, interacting with each other as the Teacher and full-time Teaching Assistant facilitate creative learning opportunities. Reading, writing and number work are gently introduced.

Reception children are taught French and Spanish on a termly carousel, together with weekly swimming and Forest School sessions. This will continue in Infant 1 and Infant 2. As the year progresses, more structured teacher-led learning opportunities are experienced, allowing the children to prepare for the next stage (Key Stage 1).

Key Stage One (Infant 1 and 2)

The transition from EYFS to Key Stage 1 (KS1) is carefully planned. Some children will continue within the EYFS into the first term of Infant 1, others will move on to the KS1 National Curriculum. Each child works and develops at their own pace and teachers will remain flexible to their individual needs.

Pupils are taught:

  • Literacy (including phonics, handwriting and spelling)
  • Science
  • Humanities (RE, Geography, History)
  • Creative Development (Art and Design Technology)
  • Mathematics
  • Computing
  • PE (gymnastics, dance, games and swimming)
  • Languages (Spanish and French)
  • Music
  • Drama

In Infant 1 and Infant 2 classes, more formalised teaching is introduced, still with the opportunity for plenty of hands-on, interactive play. Whilst the majority of subjects will continue to be taught by the class teacher, pupils will benefit from specialist teaching for PE, swimming, music and languages. Forest Schools is also offered as an enrichment to the curriculum.

In addition, the use of technology in the classroom helps to develop each child’s understanding.

The transition to Juniors is an exciting time for our pupils. Towards the end of Infant 2, they have regular visits to the Junior School, which enables them to look forward to the next stage of school with confidence.