Academic Results

A Level, GCSE and university destination success.

We are incredibly proud of our A Level and GCSE results which demonstrate the outcome of the commitment to our vision.  Excellent teaching, enthusiastic pupils, first class facilities and countless opportunities in  clubs and activities come together to give our pupils every chance possible  to perform well in public examinations. Please see our results below:



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A Level Results
GCSE Results

University destinations

We also measure the success of The King’s School by looking at where our pupils go on to study for university. Almost all of them go forward to higher education, some after a gap year. We use “The Times Top University” tables for comparisons, although there are a myriad of other tables. The Times looks at: results, facilities, research funding and other measures.

The King’s School is extremely proud to have been named as one of the top Independent schools nationally for its high numbers of Sixth Form leavers who go to the top universities. King’s came in 6th place in the country in the league table which was published recently in The Sunday Times Schools Guide 2016.


*Oxbridge is Oxford and Cambridge

Russell Group Universities are 24 of the top “Red Brick” Universities who are recognised for gaining high levels of inward research money.

Click here for The Times Top Universities List

University offers per pupil

King’s pupils apply for the UK’s top universities and most competitive courses including a high number to medicine, dentistry and veterinary courses. They are valued by the universities for their independent thinking, confidence, academic rigour and well-rounded personalities. Every year our Sixth Formers receive many offers:

UK SchoolsKing's in 2016
University Offers3.9 (Independent schools)Average 4.5 offers per Pupil
Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Offers-18 offers
Oxbridge offers5 applicants for every place12 in 2016, 75 offers in the last 10 years

Government Schools A Level and GCSE Performance Tables

The government releases performance tables which report on various measures in January. These can sometimes be misleading. For example, measuring the A Level academic results of a school by average points scored per A Level student or results in the English Baccalaureate measure.

For further guidance on understanding these table and The King’s School results on them, click here: Performance Tables.