Our Vision


Our vision in a rapidly changing world is to inspire every individual to be passionate and collaborative learners who reach their full all-round potential, thereby allowing them to contribute positively and actively to an inclusive 21st century society 


We have recently revised the school’s strategy for the period 2018-2025. The new strategy is entitled The Way Forward.


Our aim is to provide a first-class independent education, both through outstanding academic tuition and through giving all our pupils the opportunities to develop wider sporting, artistic and social skills. We nurture spiritual growth and provide a diverse and inclusive environment where each pupil can develop and fulfil their potential, which will allow them to flourish in their future lives.


In caring about excellence and each other, and in promoting enjoyment and happiness through fulfilment, the members of the King’s community strive to:


  • We want all our students to aspire to be the very best versions of themselves. This relates to both their academic achievement, where we want them to attain their ‘sustainable best’, and just as importantly to their personal development as unique individuals. Excellent qualifications remain important, but the nurture of attributes such as resilience, adaptability, emotional intelligence and curiosity are arguably even more significant in today’s world.


  • We want our students to have respect for themselves and others in the school community, particularly their fellow students. We believe that allowing young people to be comfortable in their own skin, as well as respectful of difference in others with regard to diversity, are both essential. We also want our students to respect their surroundings in terms of the school itself, where they live outside school and with due regard to the global environment.


  • We want our students to collaborate effectively so that they can achieve more than they would on their own and learn how to work effectively with others. We also want them to collaborate positively as part of the broader school community and in doing so contribute to a higher purpose than simply advancing themselves. Human collaboration is only going to become more relevant in the years ahead.