Our Vision


We hold an absolute commitment to do the very best for each of our students through great learning, opportunity and challenge, so that they gain the confidence to achieve more than they thought possible, at a school they love.


We have recently revised the school’s strategy for the period 2018-2025. This new strategy, entitled The Way Forward, can be found here.


Our aim is to provide a first class independent education, both through outstanding academic tuition and through giving all our pupils the opportunities to develop wider sporting, artistic and social skills. We nurture spiritual growth and provide an environment where each pupil can develop and fulfil his or her potential.


In caring about excellence and each other, and in promoting enjoyment and happiness through fulfillment, the members of the King’s community believe in:

  • trying anything and being open to challenges
  • approaching academic work with motivation, industry, and a love of learning
  • playing a full part in the life of the School, making the most of opportunities
  • being independent in thought, and offering leadership
  • showing courage and perseverance in taking risks and meeting the unknown
  • practising selflessness and understanding the goodness in others
  • showing care, consideration, loyalty and compassion through generosity of spirit
  • showing respect for one another by appreciating each person’s individuality
  • showing respect for the School’s aims and rules, facilities and fabric
  • showing respect for self, through integrity, dignity and pride
  • understanding a sense of commitment in service of the community
  • showing a sense of belonging to a shared vision, through support, teamwork and flexibility
  • fostering independence and self-discipline in teaching and learning
  • showing openness and integrity which enable honesty, sensitivity and trust
  • giving time to one another to meet the School’s expectations, standards and values