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    • 6th March 2017


      As the sun comes out (or tries to) on the Lent Term, it’s admissions time up and down the... Read More

    • 16th January 2017


      In the start of term assemblies I picked up a theme I’d used in my December assemblies, that of... Read More

    • 17th December 2016

      A Christmas Carol

      I’m sure everyone who was present at the Senior School Carol Service would agree it was a superb occasion.... Read More

    • 19th November 2016

      1984 and all that

      Is a poppy a political symbol? Well, despite what FIFA say, I think most people would say not, and... Read More

    • 6th November 2016

      What’s good?

      I make no apology for kicking off this week with something about university – partly because once again (and... Read More