Gallery: Junior and Infant art exhibition

Our Senior School Gallery is currently awash with colour as it hosts the J4 and Infant 2 collaborative art exhibition, entitled “Up”. 

The exhibition is a culmination of a lot of hard work by both year groups in the Michaelmas term and pupils have been enjoying seeing their artwork on display. 

J4 pupils used the artist Alicia Merrett as their inspiration to produce a collaged representation of a place that is special to them.

Starting with a basic drawing based on a photograph of their chosen place, pupils added collage paper shapes to build up their image before using colour and pattern to add detail.  

Infant 2 pupils began thinking about aerial views in their topic lessons, which had the title “Up, up and away”.

Taking inspiration from the colours and patterns used by Piet Mondrian, and learning that some of his pictures were based on aerial views of New York, the pupils then chose a section of a map of Chester and used a variety of materials to create a relief of the image. 

Mrs Savage, Junior School art teacher, is very proud of the work that her pupils produced. 

She said: “The J4 pupils all had the same brief, used the same artist as inspiration, and had the same input from me, yet each of them has produced something unique and personal to them.

“As individual pieces of art they are wonderful but, as a collection, they have real impact.”

Mrs Hartley-Richards led the project for the Infant 2 pupils and is delighted that they have had a chance to see their pictures in the exhibition.

She said: “The Infant 2s have produced amazing pieces of work. They had a lot of messy fun experimenting with colours and materials and they have really enjoyed seeing their work, and that of their friends, in the gallery.”

To see a full gallery of images from the exhibition, as well as photos of some of our Junior and Infant pupils enjoying the exhibition, click on the image below: