Shooting for the Moon!

Our J2 classes have had a great time in their DT lesson, designing – and firing – rockets as part of their DT lesson.

The rockets might not quite have made it to the moon but they reached some impressive heights and the children loved seeing their creations take to the sky! 

The pupils worked in pairs to design their rockets; some prioritised the aerodynamics to try and make their rocket fly the furthest, whilst others focussed more on the aesthetics. All of the rockets made for a fabulous spectacle as Miss Fountain and Mr Duncalf launched the rockets from the cricket pitch, and the J2 teachers decided on winners in three categories: furthest flier, most creative and the funniest flight. 

Furthest Flier winners: Farah Younis (J2T) and Mollie Howdon (J2T) with their flying squirrel rocket

Most Creative winners: Henry Wiseman (J2P) and Jonty Sargeant (J2P) with their Big Ben rocket

Funniest Flight winners: Lucy Graham (J2T) and Zahra Pope (J2T)  with their yellow parrot

Here is just some of the action from the day: