20 Years of Girls at King’s: Profile – Hayley Milner

Our next alumnae profile for 20 Years of Girls at King’s is our first female Head of School, Hayley Milner. Hayley attended King’s from 2005-2014 and here she shares memories of her time at school and her hopes for the future.
Hayley, centre, with the Head Prefects Team, 2013

Which A Levels did you study at King’s?
English Literature; Biology; Religious Studies and English Language

What did you choose to do after leaving King’s?
I attended Oxford University to study Jurisprudence

What is your current role or area of further study?
I am currently doing a Masters degree in Law, Business and Management, and at the same time I’m doing the Legal Practice Course at the University of Law

Where do you live now?

What is your ultimate ambition?
To become a named partner at a top legal firm in New York

What is your favourite memory from your time at King’s?
Getting a phone call from Mr Ramsey asking me to be Head of School

Who was your most influential teacher/s at King’s? 

Dr MacMahon and Mr Lee

What advice would you offer current students who may be interested in similar path to yours?
Looking after yourself, both mentally and physically, is just as important as succeeding academically

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Travelling and going out with friends

If you are one of the hundreds of female students to have attended King’s over the past 20 years, please take a minute to fill out this quick questionnaire by clicking this link and email a recent photograph of yourself to ilc@kingschester.co.uk