Inspirational Alumna represents Oxford again

We were thrilled to hear that Amelia Standing (OKS 2018) was chosen to represent Oxford VIII yet again in the annual boat race in March 2021. Below she shares her fantastic rowing achievements since leaving King’s – all whilst studying Engineering at the University of Oxford!

“I first watched the Women’s Boat Race when it finally moved to London (and national TV) in 2015. At the time I was on J15 training camp in Hazewinkel (Belgium) with King’s rowing club. After the race I immediately Googled the heights of the rowers and realised they weren’t too much taller than me!  Although it was always in the back of my mind, I never thought I would actually row in a University race.

Even after getting an Oxford offer I didn’t think I’d get the grades and even after getting into Oxford I never thought I’d make the boat. In hindsight I really should have had more faith in myself, as after a lot of hard work I stroked the Blue Boat in my first year! I’m now 3 years of rowing (and a lot of engineering) down the line and although I haven’t (yet) won the race I’ve had so many great experiences.

I’ve rowed with and against so many inspiring athletes. This year was especially special, with all the athletes having trained alone for so many months and wearing white ribbons to raise awareness for the 97% of women who have been sexually harassed in public spaces.”