One Year Out Social

The Alumni Team were delighted to welcome back some of our 2016 Leavers on 14th July 2017 at the Ship Inn, Handbridge, for an informal get-together. Niamh Massey OKS shared her experiences of the revelry,

With support from King’s, which did a great deal in bringing about this wonderful event, students who left a year ago were able to have a welcome catch-up. For many, we hadn’t seen each other since results day, so it was a great opportunity to share tales of what we had done over the past year. Sharing stories from university and gap years, there was an awful lot to talk about. Adding to the occasion, a couple of teachers dropped in, such as our Head of Sixth Form, Mr Carter, and Miss Titmuss, who has always been a familiar and friendly figure throughout our time at King’s. As the evening came to a close, groups of friends drifted off into town to continue the happy and lively evening. It was great to see everyone again and it wouldn’t have happened without King’s Alumni. Hopefully there will be many more reunions to come!