Gallery: Pudding Races 2019

Once again the Pudding Races were a great spectacle at the rowing club as nine x senior VIIIs and six x J14 Octuples raced for the coveted plum puddings. Despite the high tide, frequent wintry showers and a strong stream, the crews battled well against the elements with a wonderfully warm but competitive Christmas spirit. Once the racing had been completed and the fancy dress awards had also been distributed there were further awards and notable ceremonies to be made. 

The club named the new top VIII, “Henricus Rex” a name which will stay with the boat whilst it remains the top boat in the club, at which point it will revert to the “David Roberts”, named after Mr Roberts who has made such a contribution to King’s rowing over the decades. The club also had the pleasure of welcoming home three notable alumni to name their new boats, Harry Higginbottom (OKS2016), Christian Palmer (OKS2016) and Zoe Soutter (OKS2015).

It also wouldn’t be the annual pudding races without John Blackwell, our club boatman, awarding the Scantlebury Duck. This year awarded to Gregor Montgomery (U6GRO). The club was also able to say a fitting thank you and happy retirement to Duncan Little, who retired from his coaching duties after 21 year’s service at the club. The round of applause was very fitting, reflecting the enormous contribution that Mr Little has made to King’s School rowing over the past 21 years.