The Telford Twins ready to tackle anything!

Since leaving King’s in 2013 Sean and Jeremy Telford have both followed differing, but equally interesting pathways.

Sean, has recently swapped one ‘Cambridge’ (Churchill College to be precise, where he completed his MSc in Natural Sciences) for another ‘Cambridge’ in Boston, Massachusetts. He has just started a 4-6 year PhD at Harvard University with the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and is researching low temperature shape memory alloys in a project funded by NASA.

Jeremy has just completed the fourth year of his medical degree at Sheffield and has developed a special interest in rehabilitation medicine.  His elective in India this summer included a visit to the Soni Manipal hospital in Jaipur – home of the Jaipur foot, a low-tech cost-effective and durable prosthetic leg.  He is currently intercalating in Applied Orthopaedic Technology at Dundee University, where he is working on a structural comparison of the Jaipur foot to Western prosthetic designs.

We wish them both the very best of luck in their chosen fields in the future.