Art installation takes flight

A collaborative art installation in Junior School has recently transformed empty walls in a newly refurbished part of the Junior School.

In the summer term of 2023, every pupil from J2 – J4 got hands-on in the art studio, learning a new skill of willow weaving. Under the expert guidance of Junior School art teacher, Kirsty Savage, their aim was to each make one swallow.

Mrs Savage explained that it was unusual for three year groups to be working on the same thing at the same time: “Each year group usually works on very different projects but the aim of this was always to create a large-scale piece of art that the whole school could enjoy. 

“With each class, we spent time talking about how lots of individual pieces of work could create something bigger, with greater impact. 

“The pupils have loved seeing this become a reality over the last couple of weeks as the lower locker area has been transformed by this impressive, collaborative piece”

Before beginning their weaving, the children spent some time observing real swallows in flight, both on video and in real life as the swallows returned to their annual nesting place outside the Consterdine Hall. 

Mrs Savage again: “The children studied how the birds looked in flight and used their observations well as they embarked on their weaving.

“They could choose between two weaving techniques, one of which was slightly more advance than the other. 

“One of the fabulous things about their swallows is that every single one is an individual, unique piece, just like the child who made it.”