Baking en español

Before the half term break, a group of Removes pupils enjoyed their first taste of Spanish  when they took over the Junior School kitchen for a fun baking session with a linguistic twist. 

The pupils followed a Spanish recipe to bake Magdalenas. 

They followed the instructions to make original French-shaped Madelines but with dough left over, the students also enjoyed making some extra-large Magdalenas!

Mrs Rowley-Williams organised the session and was very impressed with the 12 enthusiastic young linguists.

She said: “There was some great teamwork, and it was fantastic to see the students use their linguistic skills to work out the Spanish words and follow the recipe.”

Pupils in Removes have been studying French this year but all have the option to take up Spanish next year when they move to studying two languages. One of the aims of this session was to give the pupils a short – but tasty – introduction to Spanish. 

Click on the image below for a gallery of pictures from the session.