Book Week 2021

Book Week looked a little different this year but the current restrictions didn’t stop pupils enjoying a range of exciting activities, including quizzes, workshops and the School Book Awards.

Most activities took place in tutor periods, with pupils competing in a Kahoot based on the Book Award books and working together as a group to solve clues to work out a book title, author and illustrator.  We were also able to have a live Removes quiz in the library on Wednesday lunchtime, with four pupils from RmCS showing off their very impressive book knowledge and claiming victory. It was wonderful to see others in the tutor groups come to support the team members, with some of them winning a chocolate by answering an audience question!

Our Patron of Reading, Mike Revell, ran two creative writing workshops with the Removes.  The power of technology allowed him to do this live from his new home in France!  Mike got pupils’ imaginative juices flowing by getting them to think of a ‘What if?’ idea and then following a story structure to flesh it out, as well as playing around with different genres. It was great to see so many pupils coming up with ideas and getting writing.

Mike also set some competitions for pupils and we were treated to some amazing art work, haikus and game ideas as a result.  Olivia Das (ShWAL) won the art competition with her creation of a Smaug cake.

Daniel Goharriz (ShGRO) won the haiku competition with his set of seven haikus, each based on one of the Harry Potter books (see below) and Arnav Vyakernam (ShGRO) won the games pitch competition with his idea for a ‘Sherlock Holmes at Home’ board game.

Juniors and the Seniors were all invited to vote for their favourite books in the School Book Awards, and it was wonderful to see their enthusiasm for the books.

J1&J2 voted ‘The Worst Class in the World’ by Joanna Nadin, illustrated by Rikin Parekh, as their winner.

J3&J4 chose ‘The Unadoptables’ by Hana Tooke. 

Both Joanna and Hana sent us a video thanking the pupils for voting for their books, and a drawing by Rikin Parekh is on its way to us!

In the Senior School, ‘The Crossover: a graphic novel’ by Kwame Alexander, illustrated by Dawud Anyabwile took the top spot and ‘Run, Rebel’ by Manjeet Mann won the Teen Award. Manjeet also sent us a video to say thank you and to tell us how thrilled she was that her book had won an award voted for by teenagers.


Daniel’s winning haikus

Snitch flying away

Trying to ace potions class

Find trolls in bathrooms


Whomping Willow crash

Ron’s magic wand snapped in two

Kill the Basilisk


Hippogriff takes flight

Dementors swarm the whole place

Sirius Black saved


Goblet of Fire

The Triwizard Tournament

Diggory is killed


Prophecies foretold

Sirius Black is murdered

The Dark Lord returns


Mysterious book

Severus – The Half Blood Prince

Dumbledore is gone


Together till end

Light and Dark reunited

One must always die