Careers Breakfast: Annabel Morris

Many thanks to Annabel Morris (OKS 2020) who returned to King’s today to talk to pupils about her degree apprenticeship with AstraZeneca. 

Annabel left King’s in 2020 with straight A* grades in Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry and, instead of pursuing the traditional university route, she embarked on a 4-year degree apprenticeship in Chemistry.

The talk fell in the same week as the Lower Sixth’s HE Evening and, having had an introduction to the university application process, many of the year group attended Annabel’s talk keen to learn more. 

Annabel dispelled some of the myths and misconceptions that surround degree apprenticeships.

Perhaps sometimes seen as an option for less academic students, Annabel stressed the highly competitive nature of degree apprenticeships, stating that the acceptance rate at AstraZeneca is only around 4%. 

She also spoke honestly about the need to be organised and self-motivated in order to balance the demands of work and study. 

For Annabel, the advantages of a degree apprenticeship have been obvious. She said: “From day one, I have been given real responsibility, I work on projects that have real impact on the business and on patients, and I feel valued for the work that I do.

“I love Chemistry and to be able to work in a lab on a daily basis with like-minded people is incredible. 

“I will finish the four years with a wealth of valuable experience, a degree in Chemistry and no debt. For me, there are no downsides!”

Head of Careers, Ravi Hensman, thanked Annabel for her time: “Degree Apprenticeships are becoming more popular and it has been invaluable for students to hear from Annabel about the very positive experience she has had at AstraZeneca.”

After answering students’ questions, Annabel enjoyed time catching up with her A level teachers and a tour of of the new Sixth Form Centre.