Careers Breakfast: Chemical Engineering

Many thanks to Clare Mallon for our first Careers Breakfast of 2024. 

Pupils from all year groups filled the Terrace Cafe to learn more about careers in Chemical Engineering and were interested to hear about Mrs Mallon’s wealth of experience in a number of different sectors. 

Perhaps surprised to learn that Chemical Engineers are involved in everything that touches everyday life from what we eat and drink to the technology we use, pupils soon had an understanding of the variety of roles open to Chemical Engineering graduates, as well as the opportunities for travel and working overseas. 

Head of Careers, Dr Hensman, thanked Mrs Mallon for a fascinating presentation. He said: “I think that Mrs Mallon will have inspired a few future Chemical Engineers this morning. 

“What was clear was that Chemical Engineers have opportunities to work in so many different sectors, which means that pupils thinking about this career path can follow their passions and interests.

“Whether it’s finding sustainable fuels, producing life-saving medicines at scale, finding solutions to energy-efficient food production, or helping large companies optimise their manufacturing, these are all things that Chemical Engineers do!”