Celebrating Year 6 Open Day

We were very excited to welcome Year 6 children from other schools to our first ever virtual Open Day on Saturday 24 October.

The children, who took part in seven challenges devised by our teachers, received their open day packs through the post a few days earlier with a guide and some handy bits of kit including science equipment for their Biology experiment. 

The seven challenges were:

Art – creating a piece of protest art 

Biology – extracting DNA from a strawberry

DT – building some iconic chair designs 

Sport – a series of high-energy sports challenges from our PE Department

CCF – spotting a heavily camouflaged member of staff!

Music – using household items and body percussion to create some catchy beats

Enrichment – a Sherlock Holmes mystery  

Each teacher filmed a lesson for the children to follow at home and provided five fun facts about themselves and their subject. We asked for those taking part to send us photos and videos so we could celebrate their achievements, and they didn’t disappoint!