Celebrating the Year of the Dragon

This week, Polyglot Club held a special celebration for Chinese New Year.

Senior School pupils enjoyed learning about some of the traditions associated with New Year celebrations in China, as well as trying their hand at craft activities. 

There was also an opportunity for pupils to practise writing Happy New Year messages in Chinese characters, with a little help from fluent Chinese speaker Liana in Shells. 

Other pupils brought in items from home, including a magnificent dragon puppet and a number of red envelopes that are traditionally filled with money and gifted to children at New Year.

Polyglot Club meets every Monday and is led by Mrs Rowley-Williams and Miss Rae. 

They said: “Polyglot Club is an opportunity to learn more about the cultures and traditions of other countries, as well as the experiences of pupils and staff who have lived overseas. We meet every Monday lunchtime and everyone is welcome!”