Challenge Day – scores on the doors

Challenge 1 – Mrs Sumner’s Creative Caption

 Picture one:

  • James Phillips RMMW “Argh! Homeschooling makes no sense! Why is it offering me cookies? Of course, I’ll accept cookies!”
  • Iestyn Evans RMCR “Where’s the paws button?”
  • Elizabeth Melhuish-Bolton ShBR “Ruff day working at home!”
  • Mani Thaman ShGL “It will be difficult to eat the homework today…”

Picture two:

  • Connie Dawson RMSC “6 feet apart” (very clever…with the Roman numerals legs shape)
  • Callum McCaig 5GR “This isn’t what Mum meant when she told us to get stuck into the great outdoors”.


Challenge 2 – Mrs Hollingworth’s Celebrity Knee

Removes winners:

  • Holly Bosworth RMCR (David Bowie)
  • Mark Jones RMCS (C Fish)
  • Hector Walsh RMML (The Queen)

House winners:

  • Harry Weetch 3GR (Harry Hill)
  • Imogen Brander 3LS (K Jenner)
  • Maisie O’Leary 3DU (Marilyn Monroe)
  • Jack Morgan 4GL (Yoda)


Challenge 3 – Mr Boyd’s Keep Ups

There were lots of bonus points awarded for keep ups with various objects too!

Removes winners:

  • Will Bebington RMSG – 147 keep ups using a golf ball and club
  • Charlie Beyeler RMCS – 95 keep ups with a football
  • Eleanor Williams RMAI – over 30 keep ups between three family members

House winners:

  • Jake Roberts 4WA– 397(!) keep ups with a football
  • Joe Hunter 5FX – 35 keep ups between him and his dog!
  • Grade Spender –SHGL – 135 keep ups with a hockey ball and stick



Challenge 4 – Mr Blackham’s Wall Sit

Bonus points awarded for those who achieved the full 6 minutes. Stand out performers received the 10 bonus points for being calm, collected and staying put!

  • Ollie Melville L6GR
  • Fin Thomson 3FX
  • Eleanor Williams RMAI
  • Rachel & Holly Bosworth RMCR & 4GL
  • Henry Parker RMMB


Challenge 5 – Mrs Gareh’s creative pic

Removes winners:

  • Holly Bosworth RMCR
  • Benjamin Cooper RMMB
  • Mags Bone RMAI
  • Connie Dawson RMSC

House Winners:

  • William Bociek 4GR
  • Isla Plass 5WE
  • Molly Hardy L6Du


Challenge 6 – Mrs Jones’ Bread making

Removes Winners:

  • Olivia Das RMCS
  • Louis Hayter RMMB
  • Jake Pavel-Knox RMSC

House Winners:

  • Lily Ella Barnard SHGR (
  • Sam Burchett SHBR
  • Jake Beasley L6GL
  • Luke Knight 3GL


Challenge 7 – Dr Mair’s Eye Spy a Friend

Removes winners:

  • Marcus Thornton RMSC
  • Jake Owen RMSC
  • Georgina Davidson RMCR

House winners:

  • Dan Sykes L6WE
  • Andreu Palet 3DU
  • Isla Plass 5WE


Challenge 8 – Mrs Richards’ Nature Trail

Remove winners:

  • Evie & Rory Mallinson RMML
  • Mark Jones RMCS
  • Mags Bone RMAI

House winners:

  • James Read L6DU
  • Molly Hardy L6DU
  • Adam John 3GL


Challenge 9 – Mr Hartley’s Grande Challenge

16 completed the challenge…which was a tough one!

  • 1st Blair McCormick L6FX, Tom Leitch L6LS, Luke Mulholland L6LS
  • 2nd James Read L6Du
  • 3rd Owen Reynolds L6GR