Creating history with our new House emblems

During the Lent term, students were asked to design a new emblem for their houses. This exciting competition resulted in eight fantastic emblems which will live on in King’s history long after the designers have left school.

The original winning designs as chosen by the Heads of Houses, were then taken handed to the Director of External affairs; Mrs Titmuss and King’s creative design agency and recreated into a set of emblems.  At each stage of the process the pupils were fully involved and saw their initial designs developed to create 8 houses emblems which work well both together and independently.

Bradbury House design used the theme of a 10 shilling note –linking back to John Bradbury’s work in Treasury and his signature on the 10 shilling note

Grosvenor House emblem used the wheatsheaf symbol which is integral to the Grosvenor family’s crest.

Dutton House emblem represents a DNA strand and a Trypanosoma which is the type of parasite that Joseph Dutton is responsible for discovering in his work in tropical medicine.

Werburgh’s emblem is of a goose called Gray King, which Anglo- Saxon Princess, St Werburgh, reportedly restored back to life.

Gladstone’s emblem is a griffin with a sword and represents Faith and Strength, the motto of the Gladstone family.

Walsh’s emblem is of a climbers and a mountain in homage to Mr Walsh who was a geographer who mapped mountains and to represent team work

Fox’s emblem is a blend of two designs- a suffragette’s sash, representing the 100 years’ celebration of women’s right to vote in spirit with Michelle Fox being first girl to enter King’s. The graphic fox design in the centre of the sash was the second design which has been incorporated.

Lester Smith’s emblem represents working together and unity.

The winning designs were created by:

Bradbury             Jess Parkinson (3BRD), Leila Prendergast (3BRD), Anisa Kiely (3BRD) and Molly Rudd (4BRD)

Grosvenor          Oliver Williams (L6GRO)

Lester Smith      Sashank Viswanathan (L6LES) and Mehtaab Shergill (L6LES)

Werburgh           Ceri Murray (5WER)

Dutton                  Catherine Savidge (L6DUT)

Gladstone           Jack Sackett (U6GLA) and Patrick Timpson (U6GLA)

Walsh                   Jasmine Denton (5WAL)

Fox                         Freya Walsh (4FOX), Mansi Gupta (4FOX), Max Hollywood (4FOX) and Arvind Sahni (U6FOX)