Drama students perform ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and ‘Girls Like That’

Students ranging from Fourth Year through to Upper Sixth, performed two challenging plays to audiences in The Vanbrugh Theatre on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 November.

A cast of 11 girls performed Evan Placey’s ‘Girls Like That’ and demonstrated an impressive energy and unity throughout.  With all 11 cast members playing protagonist Scarlett at some point in the play, the girls’ excellent use of ensemble skills really drove home Placey’s hard-hitting message about the consequences of bullying.

A cast of 10 boys performed a harrowing interpretation of Anthony Burgess’s cult novel ‘A Clockwork Orange’. With a powerhouse performance by Eden Hambelton- Davies in the lead role of troubled teen Alex, all cast members worked together incredibly to perform this innovative and thought-provoking piece. 

The cast of ‘Girls Like That’ includes:

Lily Walker (L6WAL)
Carrera Sephton (L6DUT)
Amy Ford (4BRD)
Rachel Bosworth (4GLA)
Sally Hardy-Jones (5WAL)
Jess Hindley (5FOX)
Franny Davidson (U6DUT)
Jess Sedman (4WAL)
Annabel Kirk (4GLA)
Elisa Shaw (U6GLA)
Winnie Thomas (5LES)
Philippa Whitley (L6DUT)

The cast of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ includes: 

Eden Hambelton-Davies (5BRD)
Jonny Madden (5DUT)
Owen Reece-Jones (L6LES)
Rob Shone (L6GLA)
Max Hollywood (L6FOX)
Ted Toovey (4WER)
Tomas Wagenaar (4LES)
Arthur Greenwood (L6GRO)
Charlie Ashton (U6GLA)
Max Williams (U6LES)
Callum Kingsley (L6WER)
Seb Middleton (U6DUT)
Nathan Cheetham (4GLA)