E-Safety Prefects helping students to be SMART online

E-Safety Prefects have delivered an assembly about using the internet safely. 

The Junior School is keen to utilise the knowledge and help of their own students to further educate and enhance the understanding of safe internet usage. As part of this policy, the E-Safety Prefects present a termly assembly to each of the four-year groups about a different important online message. This week’s assembly focused on the five key ways to stay safe using the SMART acronym developed and shared by Childnet.  

The E-Safety Prefects this year are all chosen from J4:

• Beth Edgerley and Felicity Brander both look after the J1 cohort

• Diego Venturi and Calden Ashley-Downing look after the J2s

• Abhishek Aravind and Lydia Townsend look after the J3s

• Ben Rofe and Alexander Calvert look after the J4 pupils