First Aid Fun in Willow Lodge

With the help of songs, stories and a cuddly patient called Teddy, pupils in Willow Lodge have been learning the basics of first aid. 

Mini First Aid is an age-appropriate way to introduce first aid to young children so they understand what to do if they, or one of their friends, hurt themselves. 

The Reception and Infant 1 classes learned how to deal with cuts and bumped heads, as well as how to call 999 if someone is hurt. 

In Infant 2, the children practised the basics of CPR and learned how to deal with cuts, minor burns and someone who is choking. They also had a lot of fun putting each other in the recovery position and putting a sling on their friends. 

All children received an information booklet to share with their parents, as well as a certificate and sticker to recognise their hard work.  

Click on the image below to see how much fun the children had whilst learning these important skills: