GALLERY: J2 production of Moana

On the evening of 17 March, we were transported to the Pacific islands for J2’s production of Moana.  

King’s Juniors became one of the first schools in the country to perform this stage version of Moana Jr, and we are all incredibly proud of the fantastic performance by our J2 classes. 

Mrs Parker, J2 teacher, took on the role of director. 

She said: “Moana is based on Oceanic mythology and literature, and it has been amazing to see the children immerse themselves in the traditions and culture of the Pacific islands to prepare for the show.”

The production is the culmination of weeks of hard work by staff and pupils. 

Mrs Parker continued: “The J2s were very excited to do their first solo performance in the Vanbrugh Theatre.

“It can be quite an overwhelming space but the children really rose to the occasion and we saw them grow in confidence every day they were in the theatre.” 

The children filled the stage with talent and enthusiasm to put on an unforgettable show with the songs, choreography, costumes and make-up coming together to bring Moana, her family, ancestors, and even the ocean, to life.

Mrs Parker added: “Mrs Stevens did an amazing job to teach the children to to sing in two different Oceanic languages –  Samoan and Tokelauan – as part of a really challenging score.

 “Special thanks also has to go to Miss Savage for the amazing costumes, most of which she hand stitched herself!

“And, of course, none of this would have been possible without the J2 team; Miss Fountain, Mrs Willis and Mrs Tomlinson were such were an integral part of our rehearsals and they formed the invaluable backstage team.

“They were an amazing support and they all worked so hard to make the production the huge success that it was.”

Bravo to J2 for an unforgettable performance and, to the lucky audience, in the words of the character Maui, “you’re welcome”!

Click on the image below for a full gallery of images from the production:



Moana: Jasmine Phillips

Sina: Lydia O’Malley

Chief Tui: Edward Williams

Gramma Tala: Jasmine Lee

Hei Hei: Millie Roberts

Pua: Daniel George

Maui: Tegan Graham

Te Ka: Oscar Rivkin

Te Fiti: Arabella Denton

Tamatoa: Joe Gooding

Right Claw: Frank Glass

Left Claw: Theo Blackham



  • Lochlan Meek
  • Vir Singh
  • Zach Pynadath
  • Jai Verney
  • Noah Jones-Walker
  • Theo Smith
  • William Sedwell
  • Iksha Shenoy
  • Charlie Leslie
  • Seb Hughes


  • Miya Craven
  • Isla Meacock
  • Francesca Smith
  • Anna Martin
  • Lucy Rees-Bock
  • Annabel Palmer
  • Daisy Storrar
  • Chloe Van Kalles
  • Poppy McKenna
  • Arabella Denton


  • Mahi Malhotra
  • Vilena Theologou
  • Noah Mcguigan
  • Harry Hendrick-Lewis
  • William Goldsmith
  • Esme Hunter
  • William Jones
  • Danson Roundell
  • Austin Von Hirschberg
  • Coralyn Wei
  • Oscar Rivkin


  • Ben Marshall
  • Maximillien Roundell
  • Aditya Pydah
  • Michael Rymer
  • Teddy Stewart

Gate Monsters

  • Andrea Arechaga
  • Hugo Kemp
  • Milo Hughes
  • Daksh Sharma
  • Josh Hughes


Director & Choreography – Suzanne Parker

Musical Director – Natalie Stevens 

Costume and props – Kirsty Savage

Hair & Makeup – Kirsty Savage, Suzanne Parker, Siobhan Ley