Impressive improvement for the King’s School Rowing Club

The landing stage at the King’s School Rowing Club boathouse was recently replaced by a new, state-of-the-art platform. The original landing stage was constructed by King’s School parents, and was completed in 1978. It has since done over 40 years of sterling service, but was sadly beginning to show its age.

The new platform is larger, allowing more boats to be launched and landed at the same time. It’s non-slip coating improves safety, particularly during the winter months when a combination of river water and freezing temperatures can become a challenge for even the most sure-footed rower. The perforated deck also ensures water rapidly drains off the platform, as well as preventing the accumulation of snow.

This improvement for the rowing club, made possible by a generous donation from an old boy of the school, helps to move it towards its goal of becoming a leading national provider of rowing within the UK.