Infants take off in Manchester Airport!

Our Woodpeckers and Wagtails recently embarked on a hugely exciting trip to Manchester Airport Runway Visitor Park!

Pupils enjoyed learning all about the different types of aircraft including the mighty Concorde. They also learnt about the huge array of jobs that are required to maintain the efficiency of an airport. This was a fun opportunity to dress up as police officers, fire fighters, stewards and air traffic controllers. The highlight for most was definitely sitting in the flight deck experiencing what it would be like to pilot the plane!

The afternoon was spent in the viewing area which provided the perfect spot for  spotting different planes taking off and landing, whilst the guided tour of the visitor’s centre provided an opportunity to learn all about aviation travel.

The pupils were so inspired by their visit to Manchester Airport, that they took time to write a thank you card to the trip organiser; Paula, for the wonderful trip.