King’s girls’ hockey team make history at London’s Olympic Park

Written by Claire Sumner, Assistant Headteacher Pastoral/Head of Academic PE

For the first time in King’s hockey history, a girls’ team reached a National Plate Final after a successful run of matches starting in September 2019. The final was played at Lea Valley, The Olympic Park, London on Wednesday 10 March 2020. It was a huge achievement for the squad and must have ticked a few boxes in terms of aspirations for all of these girls. 

It was a game of two halves; King’s were dominant during the first half and worked tirelessly to attack and counter-attack at a real pace. Every time they entered the 25-yard area they looked threatening. It was a goal from the only Fifth Year student in the team Jess Parkinson, from open play that was well deserved after 20 minutes that put King’s ahead. Tilly Irvine was unfortunate not to find the back of the net several minutes later and Elsa Hodgson’s reverse hit at goal was unfortunately ruled out for being too high from the attacking short corner. 

Being in the lead at the start of the second half and not capitalising on missed opportunities in the first half was disappointing. King’s absorbed a lot of pressure in the second half and conceded two set-pieces; one a flick and one a defensive short corner. 

Despite playing some excellent, professional hockey throughout, King’s failed to find the net again; it wasn’t for the want of trying. Every single player worked harder than ever before and should not only be proud of their work-rate but be proud of getting to the final and losing graciously. The squad has had a wonderful cup run and an experience they will never forget, captured magically by Mrs Okell. 

A special thank you goes out to the parents that made the trip to London and helped us celebrate reaching the final. 

Squad: Chloé Beetschen (L6WAL), Emily Hynes (U6FOX), Elsa Hodgson (Captain) (U6BRD), Heather Black (L6WAL), Lucy Osborne (L6WAL), Annabelle Temple (L6FOX), Anna Mackay (L6GRO), Georgia Spender (U6GLA), Felicity Wyatt (L6WER), Franny Davidson (U6DUT), Jess Parkinson (5BRD), Freya Ainsworth (L6GLA), Sophie Williams (L6LES), Ellia Houghton (L6BRD), and Tilly Irvine (L6FOX).