King’s launch Girls on Board initiative

We are excited to announce the launch of Girls on Board at King’s. 

Girls on Board is a unique initiative which helps girls, their parents and their teachers to understand the complexities and dynamics of girl friendships. The language, methods and ideas empower girls to solve their own friendship problems and recognises that they are usually the only ones who can.

Assistant Head of Pastoral, Mrs Sumner,  the Heads of Houses and Head of Removes are working with girls in Removes and Shells to embed the main principles.

A representative from the national project said: “By empowering girls to find their own solutions, parents need worry less, schools can focus more on the curriculum and the girls learn more effectively – because they are happier. Over 120 schools have adopted the approach across the UK are now supporting thousands of girls in their friendships.”

The Removes group have already had their first session, where they were invited to talk openly about their friendships. 



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