Photo Art Club: welcoming visitors to Willow Lodge in style

This half-term, a group of young artists in Infant 2’s Photo Art Club have been busy exploring their creativity and honing their photo editing skills to create a collaborative piece of work that is set to welcome all visitors to Willow Lodge. 

Armed with iPads, the children were tasked with finding and photographing objects and artefacts around school that resembled letters to spell out “Welcome to Willow Lodge”. 

The club is led by the Mrs Morrice-Evans and Mrs Talbot from Robins class. 

Mrs Morrice-Evans said: “This is the first time that we have run a photography club in Willow Lodge and we set ourselves quite the challenge with our first task.

“Using everything from patterns in tree branches to plugholes, and wellington boots to an upturned bollard in the car park, the children showed huge amounts of creativity and originality when seeking out the letters and they very quickly picked up the skills they needed to crop, rotate and manipulate their images to create the collaborative piece of work.

“The children scoured the whole school site, visiting Senior School and Junior School, and looking high and low to complete their “Welcome to Willow Lodge” sign and they are rightly proud of the end result.”

Photo Art Club is just one of many after-school clubs that give the children in Willow Lodge opportunities to learn new skills, express themselves in different ways, as well as work and have fun together outside of the classroom.